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  1. so just a quick update... i opened the 2001 rig without a model and created a new action... the right forearm on the rig can free rotate, however the left cannot... so either my library is corrupted or the there's a glitch in the rig. i opened some of the other models and decided to just use fan bones and smart skin to prevent the wrist from deforming
  2. thank you for your offer and I may take you up on that, but I wouldn't want to put you out just yet... I may just try to use the rig again and see how that goes.
  3. Thanks for your help! All the rings are visible and even display the number of degrees when I try to move them, the bone just doesn't go anywhere. I've checked the properties and compared them to the other forearm and they are they are set to the same values. Could it have something to do with a smart skin or a constraint?
  4. I'm having issues with a rig i put on a character.... specifically (believe i mirrored bone plugin after using the 2001 rig as a base) my right forearm can rotate in all three axies... however my left forearm can only rotate in the y-axis (or the green circle). I can not figure out how to fix this and really don't want to have to start from scratch. Can anyone give me a hint or clue??? Thanks for your time
  5. yes... i did in fact save as a mpeg4, and the cartoon it's self is really only 3 mins long... which is funny because on one of my first attempts at a render, when I forgot the compression, it was just over 3 gigs
  6. yes... i did in fact save as a mpeg4, and the cartoon it's self is really only 3 mins long... which is funny because on one of my first attempts at a render, when I forgot the compression, it was just over 3 gigs (which kind of sucked since I had to wait 36 hours for it to finish, which also seems kind of long) Lots and lots of particles too, or could it be because I turned up the resolution too???
  7. Sorry to revive this post after a few years... but sadly i lost my only copy of this toon i made when my last computer melted... which is why i'm hoping someone may have downloaded a copy of it and still has it hiding some where. if you do, can you please let me know how/where i can get a copy... thank you much Sorry, but Facebook is giving me problems.... had no choice, posted on You Tube.... (which I didn't want to do until it was really finished, it also seems really dark.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq3pgX0MoPA
  8. yeah it is kind of a Nutcracker parody... you don't actually see a nutcracker, but i did do the toy soldiers, the rat king and main female does throw a shoe... so the events are much similar if you know the story.... Here's an issue I'm having though... doing a shaded render and look at what happened to the top of the captain's head? Any one have any clue? I already checked the normals and stiffness is up so much the hair shouldn't move... Does anyone have any thoughts?
  9. well... I hope to be finished within the next 2 or 3 days... with Xmas just around the corner I'm not sure how much time i can spend on post and rendering... Speaking of rendering, does anyone have any suggestions? While doing a test render, i noticed some plack artifacts around the particle systems, but I kind of want to keep it well lit and cheery... is there even a way to keep it close to the workspace render... given time constraints I may only have one shot at it. I'm posting some screen shots without facial expressions or secondary movements (also without hair or particle systems).
  10. The set is almost finished.... few details left and I need to adjust some things on eht fireplace (most noticably the decal on the hearth) hmmm... does anyone think I need baseboards or ceiling trim?
  11. removed my old bells and bows and added Gerry's bright shiny new ones... just a slight change in detail and it looks completely different. Props to Gerry's Props... Thanks again
  12. Spent my day redesigning the tree using the hair emitter, i think it looks more like a tree now. 1) old christmas tree 2)just the emitter on the trunk 3) emitter turned off 4) christmas tree/final edit Gerry, I just looked at those models, again they are amazing and can defineately use some of them... soooo I may redesign the christmas tree again lol. Fur sure I'm replacing the bells (yours are incredibly beautful) the candlestick can go ontop of the mantle, how did you know i needed a drum?, the gumdrops i might add to my gingerhouse, i can enlarge the wreath on the lamppost
  13. That would be awesome! Thankyou so much and I'll be sure to check it out!
  14. Well... It's slow going and I practically got nothing done over October, but here's a few updates (of course here it is November and I haven't even started the chor yet and I'm starting to sweat. I may need to take a Vacation just so i can do more Work!) OH! And since it's been awhile since i've logged in I saw Gerry's Chrismas 2009 topic. Athough I haven't read through the whole thing yet, his stuff looks incredible... way way better than anything I've got... but it is my first toon, so can't expect much from me, right? right?... guys?... anyone?... jump in with morale boosts any time
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