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    I took the famous Nefertiti OBJ with 2 million polygons, put a gradient on it to render a displacement map and put that map on a flat card in A:M. Overhangs like behind the cheekbones and at the side of the nose are impossible to project off a flat card but overall I'm impressed at how the OpenEXR displacement map captures all the tiny details of the original OBJ. full screen to see detail... NeferTurnH_3K.mp4 The displacement map looks like this...
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    I love the sparseness of the scene. The use of 1/3 screen of the the placement of the character is fabulous. The lighting is spot on. I did like the more orange shot you showed Tuesday. Great work
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    this topic remember me this effect that I created a long time ago butterfly.mov
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    You look tired probably from digging the hole Nicely done
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    To adjust where he pauses on the path go into the path constraint and click on "Ease" then a line with key frame placement will appear on the time line. Then you can select the point in the timeline where you want him to stop and select what ease percentage you want (0% is right at the beginning of the path and 100% is all the way at the other end). Then for example if you were at 2 seconds and set the ease to 40% You could go further along to say 2.5 seconds and set the ease to 40% as well and he should stay put until because you've told him to be at the same place along the path. I hope that makes sense. As for his direction. You should be able to adjust the rotate offsets in the path constraint settings at key points along the timeline to make sure he's facing where you want, when you want.
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