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Work Wanted (Available for Hire)

Work Wanted - For wanting seeking employment

Potential employees, post your particulars here.

1. Post your capabilities/strengths:

a: Modeller/Rigger/Animator/Lighting/Texturing/Sound/etc.

b: Type of work i.e. mechanical, organic

c: Approximate time frames (how soon do you need the work, how long are you available)

d: Compensation Paid/Unpaid. (would you be willing to "intern" or work for no pay, just credits)

e: Link to your website or post an email address* or both.

f: If your website is "X rated" work please make this clear in your posting

*if you are concerned about spam bots, etc., you can conceal your email address in a format similar to Jsmith(at)grayskies dot com.

2. All communication between employer and potential employee should occur in private email,by phone, or elsewhere, outside of the Hash forums. Only exception... cannot find your site, your email address not working.

3. Let us know if you have found the work you need. Eventually all postings will disappear after a set time frame. But, until then, if you edit your post or post a followup that you have found work it will save you alot of unneeded communication.

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