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  3. saw snowflake and decide to try quick snowman with it snowman.prj
  4. Not the best animation, but it's progress. David11111 First Flight0.mov
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  6. If you have the image sequence in the Project... - Open Project Workspace (PWS) - Right Click on Image sequence icon - Save As Animation Please see attached image of menu:
  7. Rodney, I got the image sequence loaded into a new project. What do I right click on the get the "save as animation" option on the menu?
  8. I can edit and combine video clips with transitiions. I have The AVS suite of programs) and can add sound later. I'll play with the knowledge that I now have and see what happens. I'll combine the images in A:M and edit the clips and sound in AVS. Thanks again for your help, Robcat!
  9. OK. I presume you have something you edit video in. Check an see what it imports for video formats. If it imports numbered image sequences that would be ideal.
  10. It's just background music and engine droning nothing that has to be synchronized.
  11. If you have things like music (or dialog) you need to match in animation, make the sound first and bring that into A:M to work by.
  12. thanks Guys! My plan was to get the video animated and then create a soundtrack ( basically music and sound effects, no dialogue) in my recording studio and then marry them together. If there is a beter way to go about it, I'm all ears.
  13. If you have an animation with sound you need to render and keep the sound attached (for example, you need to edit it into some other video), render to an uncompressed AVI as Rodney notes above. This will be a large file. If you have an animation with sound you need to render and keep the sound attached (and upload to something like Youtube), render to an uncompressed AVI as Rodney notes above and use your video editing app or an app like Handbrake to compress that to a YouTube friendly format like .mp4 with h.264 compression. Note that compressing to MPEG-4 is not the same thing. If you have an animation that doesn't need sound attached render to an image sequence and use your video editing app or an app like Handbrake to compress that to a YouTube friendly format like .mp4 with h.264 compression. If you have questions, keep asking!
  14. Myron, To easily convert a image sequence into a video (or video to image sequence) via Animation:Master: - In the Project Workspace (PWS) listing load your image sequence via Right Click on 'Images' - Once loaded into Animation:Master Right Click on the item you wish to convert (also via PwS) and Choose 'Save as Animation' - I believe the default format will be AVI but you can type in the format extension of any supported image format. Note the Compression button next to the filename (if AVI is the format). This will allow you to select the codec/compression (or no compression). Regarding rendering to AVI... You might check the setting in render dialogue that shows the codec/compression being used (similar to the button mentioned above but now in the Render dialogue). That may be why you are having trouble. Resetting that to another codec (or no compression) might resolve the issue. Aside: To convert to formats not supported by Animation:Master I recommend FFMPEG (or any utility that uses ffmpeg) as there is a very broad range of supported formats.
  15. I tried rendering a 30 second clip to avi movie format. and things crashed. I rendered to jpg image format successfully. How do I now convert these images into an animation?
  16. Last week
  17. Don't be infamous... come to Live Answer Time at Noon CST on December 7 2019! December 7 is the 115th birthday of Donald Duck voice, Clarence_Nash.
  18. Yes they will be useable, as long as they are compatible with Windows 10 at all (really close to any software should be). Best regards *Fuchur*
  19. wow..cool...I did not know you could install Windows 10 over Windows 7 and keep installed programs intact. I thought you needed a clean wipe of all the old material. Many thanks!
  20. If you don't "mind" migrating to windows 10 you could use the upgrade path and select keep programs and files. I think that was a thing when I did it on my old laptop. Then at least all your stuff will still be installed. Most software from the past decade can be run in compatibility mode as well I think.
  21. Hello Hashers- I am getting those notices that Microsoft is ending their security patch support for Windows 7 on January 14th, 2020. I have 3 computers running Windows 7 Pro and I am trying to figure out a way to avoid buying new Windows 10 operating systems and re-installing everything on 3 computers.....with the possibility that some of my other software might not be compatible with Windows 10. Is anyone else facing this prospect and does anyone know of a solution rather than buying the $50 a machine fee Microsoft is charging to extend their Windows 7 support for 12 more months? Thanks for any thoughts... Tom
  22. No problem at all, John. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I just sat down to try and figure out why it wasn't working and saw that you had sorted it. Glad it worked out in the end. Good luck with the rest of the tree.
  23. robcat1275, I think I finally understand. The part where I was losing you was when you would render the decal model. That went by so fast that I did not understand what you had pressed and what you were doing. Once I understood that, I also understood what you were saying about using the alpha channel in A:M's rendering. Wildsided, once I finally understood that the effect doesn't show up until the rendering is done, I also looked at what you instructed, and it works fine. Thank you both for your patience!
  24. Please add the tool bar to your interface... there should be enough space at close to every display. I use this setup: https://www.patchwork3d.de/am-interface-59-en (at about 2:15 I am talking about the two additional toolbars I really like) And it really helps me a lot. Best regards *Fuchur*
  25. I'm sorry this is not going smoothly. Hopefully, our interactions here will help solve the related software problems. The problem for Hash in trying to explain how to use paint programs is that they all seem to work differently and not have standardized terminology. If Photoshop Elements will let you save a PNG with background transparency that works as transparency in A:M, then that's most of what you need. Give it a try and see what happens For me, for all the things i do, I still need to be able to edit the R G B and Alpha channels individually. I would still like to be able to look at this with you at Live Answer Time.
  26. No, I did not do cookie cut. I went back up to the movie you made above, and now I understand where you are going with this. I will watch the movie a few more times and apply the information in your movie to the new picture. Also, since we are not doing alpha channel in the PhotoPlus program, but instead are doing a png, is it really important for me to use the PhotoPlus program? I am much more familiar with the Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 that I have. I could just go to that and make a png. I don't know if at some point we are going to try to use alpha channel again in the PhotoPlus program. That didn't seem to go well. I realize that I am a slow student here, but it is completely different from anything I have done before. Once I get it, however, I will take it to the grave. It seems to be of vital importance for more advanced modeling. In the book that comes with the program, someone might want to add a page that says something like, "When you have learned these basic skills, you will need to explore: (LIST OF SKILLS REQUIRED TO DO AT LEAST A MID-LEVEL JOB WITH MODELING AND A REFERENCE TO ROBCAT TUTORIALS A-H)." All of this that I'm trying to learn now seems to be a whole different level of abstraction from the initial skills, and I am very grateful for your efforts in teaching it to me. By the way, I said Mid-level above, not because I think that's where your tutorials leave off. I think your tutorials probably show much more than I might ever learn, but I think learning this kind of thing to some extent is needed to get beyond the basics. Another idea is to include a list of additional software that might be helpful in doing the next level of lessons. When I read some of the discussions that have gone before, I see that someone takes the file out of A:M and puts it in Program X and does something to it there, and then might take it into Program Y and do something there and take it back to A:M to use it in a final project. I don't usually understand what Program X might be or how we know it is compatible with A:M files or what is special about Program Y and why it's needed. A little on ancillary software might be helpful for novices like me.
  27. You can control it three ways. the keyboard CTRL-D toggle add an on-screen button from Tools>Customize>Commands>Draw (the red/white star) in Tools>Options>Rendering set Quality to Shaded and set Show Decals ON/OFF
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