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  2. Rodney mentioned this. Charles Babbage works in a special effects shop that makes large animatronics for movies and live shows. He has been has been using A:M for many parts of the pipeline. Farther down the thread he gives a fuller description of the workflow on this particular project.
  3. Learn something new every day! I can't even remember how many hints I have forgotten that I could put in that dialogue. Makes me want to get back to animating just so I can use it!
  4. Note down at the bottom of the Property Info window there is an Edit button. With that we can add documentation notes to personalize the Property Info. Be aware that this Property Info data (even if edited) is contained in a file named AMAindex.txt in the root A:M installation directory. That file will be overwritten with the default AMAindex.txt upon a new install so if personalized make sure you have a backup of the file before the next installation. This can be useful even if just adding a note of personal preferences for a specific property, to ask a question that comes to mind at the time, etc. We can even add links to useful locations... such as an example of the in question being demonstrated here in the forum or a youtube video. The original goal of Property Info was to continuously plus up A:M's internal documentation but this requires a few things that don't tend to happen often: 1) The feature must actually be used 2) Individual AMAindex.txt files must be shared and the useful information collected/collated to plus up the default AMAindx.txt file that gets distributed with each new installation.
  5. Yeah, I've bumped into a few that I could identify. But I guess with a more familiar eye, you can spot places where it's used, but not advertised. I'd heard about people at production companies using the in-house software for their work, then using A:M for personal projects. Just wish people shared more of this work online. I'll look into that 'Haruwo'. Sounds interesting!
  6. We don't see it quite as often but in the past there were a lot of folks brought up using A:M that could be occasionally seen with A:M on their monitors in places as diverse as Disney, ILM, etc. This due to the fact that while they tended to work in other applications required by the production they worked out many initial problems by using what they knew best; Animation:Master. From time to time we still see posts from people working at these studios post... for example, to prototype some of the large animatronics used in the Disney parade (think Maleficent as a huge fire breathing dragon!). Of course it can be hard to follow what folks are up to when they don't post. I suppose that is part of the fun of searching for those hidden gems. Aside: There have been a number of Japanese games/videos that I'm convinced have used Animation:Master in some capacity but I'd be hard pressed to prove that. Some have heard my story of going on vacation with my wife and family south of Tokyo and unknowingly taking her dad into an adult video store. A bit embarrassed by my ignorance, I perused the books and videos at the front of the store where they had some general products of lesser adult concern. I purchased a book and so apparently did my father in law. It was only later in the car when he revealed what he had purchased that I went into shock. The DVD my father in law had chosen off the shelves full of products was 'Haruwo', a film completely created by Shao Guee (aka Aoki Tact) with Animation:Master. Even crazier still... a film I had helped subtitle with English translation subtitles (although most of the credit there goes to Mike Stamm). Of all the videos he could have purchased he'd found the only one in the entire country of Japan that I had a personal connection to! Needless to say, I still have that hidden gem on my shelf.
  7. Thank you! Very smart to turn off particle collision and leave object collision on!! I never would have thought of that! Thanks again! Tom
  8. Hiya Tom, What this situation called for (as with so many situations) was MORE POWERRRR!!!! The forces only push the particles so far so I added some more at key points. The bunching was caused by particles banging into each other and getting stuck so I turned particle collision off while leaving object collision on. Also cranked up the particle bounce a bit to help them keep momentum. I've attached the modified project file. Hope that helps with your experimenting. Dan blowing.mp4 WindyTunnel powwwerrrr.prj
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hello Hashers- I had an idea of leaves being emitted as sprites and I wanted those leaves to swirl in a curlicue past the camera. I created a curlicue model as a guide for the sprites to follow and made it 80% transparent so I could see if it was working, and if it did work, I would make the guide 100% transparent for the final render. I made the sprites react to collisions and thought I set everything properly. I even had an animated force fanning the sprites inside the tunnel. The force moved one leaf but the others stayed behind. Unfortunately all the leaves glommed up at the beginning of the "wind tunnel guide" as you can see from the video. I wonder if there is in fact a way to direct the path of moving sprites along specific areas? Many thanks for any help! Tom WindTunnel.mp4 WindTunnel.prj
  11. Hello Have a question that I ask of any art software, and that is if there are any known projects that actively use A:M whose creators don't post about them here on the forums necessarily? I'm often surprised to see what hidden gems there are out there that you wouldn't necessarily know are using a given software or suite of tools.
  12. Ohh, that's really helpful - especially just starting out. Okay, cool. I'll keep it there, then. Thanks, Rob!
  13. silly me, I see what I missed - thank you sir
  14. Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Steffen, I will send you the log file. As you know I'm not trying to be unreasonable, just curious what happened as things worked differently in past versions. I know it's tough to update software for new features on new OSes and keep old features all the time. I used to work at Apple in QA on the old Aperture photo software. It was interesting to say the least. Hey Mark, I recently saw your interview on the Star Trek Axanar YT channel. Good stuff.
  15. I never had a lot of success with importing polygon models. I do think the Prop thing worked at the time, but I didn't make use of that. The imports almost always came in looking like an exploded bowl of spaghetti. It's been a couple of years since I used AM, but I was able to make use of the OBJ exporter in v19, so at least that must've been present at the time.
  16. @KingVidiot you can find the master.log file in the folder A:M is installed in.
  17. Property Info is A:M's internal documentation window. You can on most parameters in the PWS, choose "Display help for current property" and the Property Info window will open to show a description of the parameter and possible values. Some have verbose descriptions, some will have just example values listed. I leave the window closed normally, it will open automatically when I use the feature.
  18. There must be a problem with the specific installation . Let me see the master.log file , than I can say more
  19. Hi I'm doing some customization on my interface, just dragging tabs into more comfortable spots, disabling unused ones, etc. I'm curious what the Property Info tab is for? Nothing displays in there while I'm working on anything. So, I'm not sure what its function is? Thanks
  20. The mesh of the cutter and the mesh of the object need to have their own bones. The bone for the cutter mesh needs to be a child of the bone for the object mesh, and "Boolean Cutter" should be set to "ON" SimpleBoolean.prj
  21. But you said you didn't want it as a prop, you said you wanted to import into a model, to convert it to splines. You can't do that in v15? (I'm doubtful that Mark was doing much polygon importing at all for his work.)
  22. this is a cool project I tried the other day to do a Boolean cutter from scratch to make a group of 3d text engrave into a surface, but I couldn't find the setting any more on the Mac version - haven't used it for years but I was a multi-platform feature unless that changed I searched all the bone properties in the workspace and nothing, but I remember using it anywhere as it's in the standard manual and not listed as a PC-only feature anyone know if the Boolean Cutter feature is on Mac and PC or just PC? I'll try opening this project on the Mac to see if it works
  23. So the prop import works in Mac v15, maybe later, but not v19. If I save the Mac v15 project and open in v19 the prop is omitted with an error. So if I want to use any new features in an animation and a prop it's SOL until the version is fixed if possible. Again I am forced to use Windows for all AM stuff if I want complete functionality. I don't know how Largento deals with this unless he just sticks to the basics with AM on the Mac. His work is excellent and feature filled nonetheless. I would be more upset if I were a Mac-only user and wanted to use the latest version and features for which I paid. Now I'm just disappointed. I don't have time to remake all of my botanically accurate trees and herbs in splines from Tree Pro or Plant Studio or to "retopologize" all of them, so they need to be props. Getting back to the first issue, the menu is there in Mac v.15 for importing polygon models, just not in v.19. Perhaps that will be fixed as it's a long-standing useful feature.
  24. Last week
  25. Hi Fuchur, I got to that point in the tutorial where sweeper is used to create the tank treads and it was a bit tricky to get working. I wasn't able to get the same results following your example. Needed to tweak it a bit differently. But then it did something weird to the file where it created a bunch of "actions", I think? It created the same number as the tank treads (32 in my case), and I couldn't delete them. Couldn't even begin to tell you what happened there. I closed and re-opened the file and somehow it was corrupted and kept freezing the program. So, I have to go back to a previous version and work back up to that point.
  26. Ok I'll try that. Thanks, and thanks for the tip on the first finger bone placement.
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